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New York – 22 March 2009

I was on holiday in New York for the first time on my honeymoon; I had only been there for a day and a half when I took ill with severe stomach pain. We were in Starbucks when I suddenly come across with the pains, I went back to our hotel room thinking the pain would just pass but it didn't and became too much to bear.

My wife called a taxi and I was rushed to St Vincent's hospital where after having numerous investigations including a CAT scan I was diagnosed as having an Incarcerated Paraesophageal hernia and needed a life or death operation. I was taken straight into theatre and operated on by Justin Steele, who performed a laparoscopic repair of the hernia. I owe my life to the hospital and especially to Dr Steele for his care and expertise.

The care and attention I received before, during and after the operation was excellent, Dr Steele is dedicated to the care of his patients as well as being a remarkable surgeon.When my wife came to visit me in hospital, he noticed her and took the time to get out of the lift to give her an update on my condition which I feel was a great thing to have done, especially with his busy work schedule. When I was discharged from hospital, Dr Steele made time to contact me at the hotel and arranged for me to be flown home to England in Business class to enable me to be seated in a comfortable position. Dr Steele also gave my wife his mobile number and advised her to contact him at any time if there was anything else we needed.

I am very fit and healthy now and we have a 10 week old baby boy called Lewis Adam. I might not have been here if it hadn't been for Dr Steele and the emergency treatment that I received. I still keep in contact with Dr Steele and e-mail him every year on March 22 to thank him again for saving my life. I hope to meet up with Dr Steele once again in the future to personally thank him for his care and attention.

Adam W Robertson
12 February 2012

I had been wrongly diagnosed by my family physician for diabetes for one year. I was slowly losing my eyesight and could not control my blood sugar. Feeling the need to take a more proactive approach, I went for a second opinion. I was referred to the doctors Dr. Avram Cooperman and Dr. Michael Wayne who immediately sent me for a CT scan. At that point it was brought to my attention that I had a tennis ball size tumor on the head and neck of my pancreas and it needed to be removed as soon as possible. This was October of 2009. It was the busiest time of the year for me at work and we just found out that my wife and I were expecting our first child. Being compassionate to my situation we were all in agreement that the first week of January they would perform a "Whipple" on me. Having gone 43 years with never having any hospital stays or surgeries I was a little apprehensive to say the least. Leading up to the procedure, Doctors Wayne and Cooperman both took a personal interest in making me feel comfortable and at ease by explaining exactly what was to be expected on day of surgery; what was being done to my body and how the healing would be afterward. Each case is different, and everyone recovers in their own way. They didn't just tell me things to appease me, but were honest and straight forward and explained that I will be uncomfortable for a little bit.

January 6, 2010 at 7am I went in for my Whipple. Three hours later I was in recovery. Two days after that I was in my room at the hospital getting well. I saw my doctors every day. They didn't just come in the morning while I was sleeping and ask the nurse how I was during the night. They spoke to me and my wife explaining in detail what was going on inside my body; how my organs were readjusting and why I felt the way I did. They took my vitals themselves and not just read a chart. I had their personal cell numbers if I had any questions or concerns. I was home by end of January, spent my 44th birthday on February 7th in my own home and had a visiting nurse come by every other day to change my dressings and drains. By February 28th I was back to work on the floor of the NYSE. I took my time, still not a 100% and my weight was down at least 60 pounds. The key was to get up and out and be as mobile as possible. You will be tired, and you won't be able to eat the way you were used to or be able to lift things that are slightly heavy and you will be sleeping on your back for a while. I knew this going in so I was prepared.

The lining of my abdomen was deteriorating and I developed a hernia; nothing painful or extremely pressing but none the less a matter that needed to be addressed. After the success my first surgery, I wouldn't consider having anyone else think of touching me. Dr. Wayne suggested that I speak to one of his other partners Dr. Justin Steele. This was his forte. Immediately I felt comfortable and relaxed and basically just said ' I trust you'.

That operation had taken a couple of hours and I was home in a week. He put in a mesh lining stitched me up beautiful and I have a scar the size of a width of a pencil. This was end of October 2010. I haven't had a concern since. What I appreciate about this group is that they care. It's not a numbers game like it is at other hospitals. You have a fantastic circle of doctors that speak to one another that follow up on their patients and want to get you healthy. It's that simple.

Frank Lipari
Managing Partner
Prime Executions Inc.

Dr. Justin Steele is the talented surgeon who performed my laparoscopic bowel resection. Before the operation he explained to me exactly what was being done and the appropriate recovery time. He answered all questions and took time to assure me about the procedure lessening my nervousness. I have only minimal scars that you'd have to look to find. His kind and thoughtful manner left me feeling positive during my recovery and just 3 weeks after this procedure I am feeling well enough to return to most of my regular routine. I'm thankful to him for his great work. I'd highly recommend Dr. Steele and if I need more work done I wouldn't hesitate to return.

Linda Church
PIX 11 morning news

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